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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide wealth management services that align with our clients' unique vision and purpose. We believe that financial success is about more than just accumulating wealth - it's about using that wealth to achieve one's long term vison. Through our customized approach, expert guidance, and innovative strategies, we strive to help our clients define their vision for the future and develop a plan to bring that vision to life. Our goal is to be the trusted partner that our clients turn to for comprehensive wealth management services that reflect their values, goals, and aspirations.



ConnectAssets WM AG is an independent asset management company based in Switzerland and is directly supervised by FINMA. As a Swiss asset manager, ConnectAssets WM AG is subject to the Financial Services Act (FIDLEG), which on the one hand contains regulations on the offer of financial services and financial products and on the other hand protective mechanisms for investors. For details, please refer to the FINSA Information Letter. 

ConnectAssets WM is based in Zug, Switzerland

Named the most innovative country in the world for eight consecutive  years, Switzerland itself is a globally interconnected platform with sophisticated skills, legal certainty and access to customized financing opportunities for international investors and businesses. 

In the heart of Switzerland, the Canton of Zug, a world known technology hub, offers a robust platform for global growth due to its pro-business philosophy focused on innovation, easy accessibility of its government, international culture and access to powerful global networks.

What Sets Us Apart


Integrity is the cornerstone of ConnectAssets WM, the basic principle that shapes every decision we take and stand for, always putting clients' best interest first. We do not accept retrocession fees from third parties, but we guarantee that our customers are the direct beneficiaries of the best conditions negotiated. Integrity is also reflected through our license granted by the Swiss Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


We acknowledge the challenges involved in accumulating wealth and recognize the importance of safeguarding it.  At ConnectAssets WM, we take great pride in our robust investment methodology. Our approach empowers us to examine companies from a forensic perspective, gain deeper insights into a company's financial health and take appropriate steps to mitigate any risks.


Trust is not a commodity. It takes time to establish trust, and this is accomplished by following through on commitments. At ConnectAssets WM, we place great importance on keeping our promises and demonstrating our reliability. That is why we believe in underpromising and overdelivering.

No Complacency

Complacency blinds one’s critical thinking and prevents from foreseeing the dangers that may arise along the way. We therefore strive to revisit our beliefs, challenge our practices and increasingly rely on technology to overcome the status quo and develop better ways to achieve our client’s objectives.

"Your success is our number one goal and we work with you to understand your priorities. Our independent partnership structure enables us to be 100% aligned with investors interests."

Hugo Masset

Chief Investment Officer

"We are committed to be your trusted partner throughout your investment journey and help you achieve your financial objectives in the most efficient and independent manner."

Pierre-François Manzetti


"We bring a unique client experience by combining a team of highly talented professionals, rigorously crafted solutions, and independence for the benefit of your wealth protection."

Noel Norking

Chairman of the Board 

"ConnectAssets WM is committed to becoming a most trusted advisor, by offering solutions to simplify and strengthen one's financial life."

Pedro Sotomayor 


ConnectAssets Holding AG

"Your process is a custom process and your needs are unique. That's why we formulate a solution just for you which we implement with speed and care."

Carlos Belete

Junior Portfolio Manager

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